The First Day of Love Month

It’s the month of love love love! And I’m sharing here my notes from last year’s LOVE LIFE SERIES of our church. I will try to take down notes again of what we’ve got this year. Hopefully, this will give us new perspective, ways, layers and levels of how we define LOVE. Happy reading y’all!


Who determines your value today? First, you have to understand your uniqueness, understand your sexuality, understand your value.

For Ladies. What would it take for a man to take you to bed? Flowers? Nice dinner? Flattering words? “I love you” is not enough. Two words. It has to be “I do.” If he can’t back it up with a ring, don’t even say “Yes.” Why? Because you are worth waiting for.

“Love desires to benefit others at the expense of self because love desires to give. Lust desires to benefit self at the expense of others because lust desires to get.” -Edwin Louise Cole

For Men. You are more than just a bunch of flesh together with testosterone. You are a spirit, soul and body. You are not a dog who when needs an itch, scratch.

You want to know why you are valuable? Because Somebody paid for you. You are broken apart, destined for damnation. But God, while we are still sinners, died for us; way before we started seeking Him.

No matter how you have damaged, have disassembled because of sin, your value remains the same, because of who you are and who He has created you to be. It’s not experience that determines who you are, it’s Who created you. That’s He who determines who you really are.

You are loved that God gave. God is so amazing! Jesus didn’t come to mend the broken pieces of your heart. He actually came to give you a new heart. That’s what He does. We love because He first loved us.

You are complete in Christ. You are not a doughnut with a hole that needs to be filled in with a munchkin.

Bavarian ka eh! YEAH!^_^

(Note: Adapted from Victory Podcast|Love Life Series|By Pastor Paolo Punzalan)

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