The Happy Story of Us

Dear Sparks,

Like you, I also love stories with dogs in it. But I just don’t kind of like it when they die at the end, no matter what artistic reason the author has. I guess I have always been a fan of happy endings. So, Sparks, why do you have to kill Singer? Hu-hu-hu! Don’t get me wrong, man. You know how I like your novels.  So, I decided to forgive you right away. STILL, I’d rather you have Singer made it to the end.

As ridiculous as it may sound, sometimes it’s easier for me to accept when the protagonist dies because of some sort of accident or illness, than when a dog dies in a story. And you’d ask me why. Childish as it may seem, but I just thought that when we (soul creature) die, we will surely be at someplace (and for a believer like me, it’ll be either heaven or hell alone). Somehow, we have this hope that we will still see each other again. But with dogs, well, what is left for them? This really got me into thinking. Lord, will there still be dogs in heaven? Will we be able to see again these amazing creations of yours that we have come to love, that once have become part of our lives, and for many, have become faithful friends that truly never leave their sides? Silly me, but it really brings tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart whenever I think I would lose a great friend forever, as in GONE…forever.

Meet JACK, our dog. He’s an Azkal, though, I believe he has a blood of a Golden Retriever. He can be stubborn as hell, but he is very protective of us, not to mention, photogenic. He-he! I was once or twice bitten by a dog when I was little, and for a long time, I got scared of them, until Jack came. To me, he is a reminder that I am capable of loving, regardless of the past. And that is one real happy story. (Right, Sparks?) ^.^


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