It’s a date, then!

This is the date I got saved. Six years have gone so hasty, still, sometimes I feel it just happened yesterday. It was a liberating experience. That night when I accepted Christ in my life. That moment I wish I could have frozen in time.

And so I want to spend this day alone with God just like what I’ve got used to. I plan to read on His word. I wish I could be more creative in celebrating this. Next time, perhaps. He-he! Which made me also wonder, how do other believers celebrate their spiritual birthdays, or do they even remember the exact day when they got saved? I think what’s more important is how we live out that faith, anyway. So, it doesn’t really matter much, I guess.

Hmm…Anyway, I gotta go. I still have a day to celebrate. ^_^

Happy Spiritual Birthday to me!

Otanjobi Omedetou! Sayonara!


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