Aye for Right Relationship

Done rereading Joshua Harris’ Boy Meets Girl.

Again, sharing here a few healthy excerpts .


“It’s not enough to simply have romantic feelings. Anyone can do that! Long-lasting romance needs practical, common-sense wisdom that knows when to let the wind of feelings carry us higher and when to pull back.”

“…time is God’s way of keeping everything from happening all at once.”

“The problems we see in relationships today — the impatience, the lack of purpose, and the misguided emotions — are all expressions of foolishness. We need wisdom. Wisdom complements romance. Like the string attached to the kite, wisdom enables romance to really soar. It anchors it, disciplines it, and brings it to its highest potential. Again, the tension is good.”

“The right time and age to start pursuing marriage will be different for each of us. But the one thing we should all have in common is waiting until romance can be guided by wisdom. Then we can experience the season of courtship at the right time and the right pace with a clear purpose and a clear head. This is romance at its best.”

“It’s possible to exchange thousands of words with people and never learn what they believe or value or feel. It’s possible to fall in love with what you imagine someone is like, yet never see him or her for they really are.”

“For many people, the idea that a Creator assigns roles is offensive. They don’t want any person, any religion, or any God telling them how to express their manhood or womanhood. They reject the idea of God-given roles and do whatever they can to blur gender distinctions….

Since God made us in His image, we reflect something of who He is. Therefore, faithfulness to God’s definition of manhood and womanhood is faithfulness to Him.”

“God made women totally equal to men in personhood, dignity, and worth. They are no less important or valuable to God. Within the context of their equality, God assigned men and women different roles.”

“God expects you to make the decision. And God promises to bless you and work out His will in your life through your decisions.”

“But God is right on schedule. He knows exactly what He’s doing. He sees you right where you are. He hasn’t forgotten you. He hasn’t overlooked you. The circumstances you’re going through — no matter how difficult — are part of the very happy ending He has planned.”

(Note: Excerpts and Photo from Joshua Harris' book, Boy Meets Girl)

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