I want to break free.

We all face difficult situations in life – stress, failure, depression, loneliness. So, how can we break free? I found practical solutions in Rick Warren’s “Answers to Life Toughest Questions” (which I highly recommend, by the way), and I want to share it with you also, specifically on how to handle discouragement. Hope we all learn. =)

Why do people get discouraged?

1. Fatigue. We get physically and emotionally drained.

2. Frustration. We have rubbishes in life (things that waste your time, consume your energy and frustrate you; things that keep you from becoming all you want to be).

3. Failure. See failure as temporary setback. We are entitled to make mistakes. We can fail in one area without being a failure as a person.

4. Fear. This happens if you have an intense desire to escape from life’s demands and pressures. In life, there are only three ways you can move – against something in anger, away from it in fear, or with it in love.

Solutions for Discouragement

1. Reorganize your life. Don’t give up on your goals. Devise a new approach. You can be doing the right thing in the wrong way.

2. Remember the Lord. Recommit and rededicate yourself to Him. Remember God’s goodness to you in the past, God’s closeness in the present, and God’s power for the future. God is with you whether you feel Him or not.

3. Resist discouragement. Fight it. We are in spiritual battle. The devil loves to get us down because he knows that a discouraged Christian has limited potential. Great people are ordinary people with extraordinary amount of persistence. Just hang in there and never give up.

(Note: Adapted from the book Answers to Life Toughest Questions by Rick Warren)


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