Trick or Treat

Hey party people! Here’s a sure treat this Happy Halloween — a nice book to read that everybody can relate to in any season. I mean, who does not have a problem? We all have our own share of hard times, but what makes the difference is our response to the situation we are in. Dr. Robert H. Schuller thought the same thing. That being so, he shared some principles on how to put problems in right perspective in his book “Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!” Check this out.

1. “Every living human being has problems.” (Hear.Hear. Accept this and move on. Next.)

2. “Every problem has a limited life span.” (No matter what we are going through, it will pass and will not stay forever. It will be resolved eventually. It’s just a phase.)

3. “Every problem holds positive possibilities.” (Like what Dr. Schuller said, “Every problem contains secret ingredients of some creative potential either for yourself or someone else. One man’s problem is another man’s opportunity.” So, don’t be so hard on yourself, and try to find something positive in your situation. You can be a light to someone’s path.)

4.“Every problem will change you.” (It will leave you a different person. Sometimes, the best way for you to learn is through tough times. During these times, your true character shows; what’s really in your hearts finally comes to the surface. Your conviction and values will be tested. Will you hold on to it? Will you still stand on what you believe?)

5. “You can choose what your problem will do to you.” (Problems can make you bitter or better. The choice is yours.)

6. “There is a negative and a positive reaction to every problem.” (The best way is to face it. Running away will not give you a solution. Manage it the right way.)

My prayer is…may we find the grace and courage to face our problems, and never to lose hope. “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)


“A brokenness can occur that leaves people without faith for future. Believe in dreams. Never believe in hurts. You can’t let the grief and the hurts and the aches and the breaking experiences of life control your future decisions.”

“Prayer is the umbilical cord that allows you — with your embryonic ideas — to draw nourishment from a source that you, like an unborn infant, can neither see nor fully know or comprehend — God our heavenly Father! Prayer is the power that pulls everything together successfully.”

(Note: Adapted from the book Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! by Robert H. Schuller; Photo from

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