A Prayer for the Philippines

In times of desperation…in times of utter loss…what is there to say, really?

Watching and reading the news is very painful these days, when all you can see on television is the devastation left by Yolanda/Haiyan. It’s just purely heartbreaking.



Many people may not understand, but I choose to believe that there is a reason why you allowed that such thing to happen, because You are a God of purpose. God, only You can give and take away everything. Lord, I pray for our country and for our people. Comfort us. Comfort all the victims of this calamity. We pray for a fast recovery. We’ve gone through so many trying times, and just like before, we will stand up again together…with You.

I also pray for our government, our leaders. May all their rescue and relief operations reach those who need them the most. Thank you for all the humanitarian efforts we get from other countries, too.

Lord, may the flame of hope in the hearts of every Filipino keeps on burning.


Photo by AP

We will stand. No matter what.

Photo by CNN

Ilugmok man tayo ng bagong pagsubok

Mga puso nati’y ‘di mapapagod

Abutin ang kamay na handang dumamay

Mga puso nati’y di mapapagod

Nasa puso ng bawat Pilipino, pagmamahal sa kapwa at serbisyong totoo

Isang bayan tayo’y aahon, walang maiiwan sa pagbangon

Isang lakas, isang pag-asa, patungo sa bagong umaga

‘Yan ang ating puso

(Note: 1st Photo: AP | 2nd Photo: CNN | Pagbangon by Julie Anne San Jose)

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