Choose wisely.

Choice, I believe,  is one of the most wonderful gifts God gave us. I don’t believe in “No Choice”. There is always a choice. Yes, sometimes, a circumstance presents us with not so many options (not to mention that we are bounded by our own principles and beliefs) that can render us limited, but we still have a choice. Even not choosing between the limited options we have at a particular moment is a choice; we can choose to do nothing. But what would that say about us? Or we can choose to do something that could make our life count…anything but less. As for me,


I choose life.

I choose to forgive myself for all my mistakes.

I choose to hope.

I choose not to be locked up in the past.

I choose to be free.

I choose to believe in love and not in hurts.

I choose the truth and not the lies.

I choose to be in faith and not fear.

I choose to be happy.

I choose to be a better person…no…the best person that I can be…

the right person that I ought to be.

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