Life and More

Revisited the Book of Job for the schmushth time. Amazed by how God’s word speaks true then and now. Job is probably one of the most liked characters in the Bible. His story can give us a proper perspective of our own problems or testings in life. During hard times we ask, “Why me?” But is this the most important question to answer, or could there be something else there that really matters like, “Why do we serve God?”

This book got me into thinking and examining my heart as well. Do I serve God because I love Him? Or do I serve and love Him only at good days? Does my love know no seasons?

Once in our life, we have probably asked if ever we’ll find someone who will love us at all time? But have we ever imagined at the least, that like us, God is asking the very same question? Will He find someone who will love Him at all time?

I have known for a while now that love is a decision. But what does it really mean aside from the fact that we can get to choose who/what/where/when are we going to love? How about… to love means to choose to say the kindest word, the humblest act, and the purest thought possible even if we don’t feel like loving sometimes, or at moments when we find it especially hardest to love. It is to choose to love at good times, and a little bit more at bad times.


Blessed is the one who made it through the tough times because the reward is life and more.



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